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Course History

history1Titus King in 1830 moved to Richland Township in Marion County and invested $500.00 in eighty acres of virgin forestland. This land ordinarily would have sold for about a hundred dollars, but on account of it having the Whestone River (later named the Olentangy) flowing through it, with sufficient fall to furnish power for the operations of mills,he paid the additional price for the mill site, which in the days before the advent of steam power, was a valuable asset. He built a sawmill and a wooden factory on this site, and they were known for many years after as King's Mills.

Many of the early frame houses in Marion were built from black walnut lumber farmed from King's Mills. later the wooden mill was converted for grinding a high grade of corn meal and feed.

Titus King was the grandfather of George W. king, one of the founders and leaders of the Marion Steam Shovel Company.

history2In 1960 John and Jean Russell purchased 160 acres of farmland known as Kingsmill. the front nine of the golf course was built in 1965 and opened on memorial Day 1966. Designed by Jack Kidwell, the front nine was added to with an additional nine holes designed by John Russell and Ted Cox. This opened in 1973. The original clubhouse now occupies the bar. A two-story addition was built in 1971. Since then many changes have taken place with the golf course and the clubhouse. Kingsmill is a family owned and operated business.