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  • Hole 1

    hole1   Par: 4

    Blue: 375 yards

    White: 363 yards

    Red: 352 yards

    A tree-lined fairway makes this a scenic but difficult starting hole.

    Playing tip: Use a 3 wood or iron to the middle or left side of the fairway to leave an open shot to the bunkered green.
  • Hole 2

    hole2   Par: 5

    Blue: 517

    White: 499

    Red: 431

    A straightaway par-5. Avoid the road on the left (out of bounds) and the fairway traps (223 yd. on the left and 233 on the right).

    Playing tip: Straight down the middle with a driver and place your second shot at the top of the hill or past the down slope. This is a large green, so watch for pin placement.
  • Hole 3

    hole3   Par: 3

    White: 162 yards

    Blue: 175 yards

    Red: 148 yards

    One of our signature holes, this plays shorter than the yardage because of the elevation change.

    Playing tip: use less club and play for the center of the green. The only place to avoid trouble is short.
  • Hole 4

    hole4   Par: 4

    Blue: 353 yards

    White: 340 yards

    Red: 330 yards

    A slight dogleg left, watch the trees, river and out of bounds on the left and trees on the right.

    Playing tip: play a slight draw off the tee to set up for a short iron to the green. Beware of the moguls to the right of the green.
  • Hole 5

    hole5   Par: 4

    Red: 317 yards

    White: 325 yards

    Blue: 334 yards

    A rolling fairway and a severely sloping green make for some interesting shots on this hole.

    Playing tip: Play for the left center of the fairway to avoid a large tree on the right and an angel-shaped bunker. (222 yd.)
  • Hole 6

    hole6   Par: 4

    Red: 319 yards

    White: 345 yards

    Blue: 428 yards

    Deceptive from the tee, this plays as a slight dogleg right. From the blue tees the hole takes on a different perspective.

    Playing tip: Keep it left center to avoid trees on the right but not too far because of a fairway bunker on the left. (215 yd.)
  • Hole 7

    hole7   Par: 4

    Blue: 381 yards

    White: 365 yards

    Red: 349 yards

    A straightaway hole.

    Playing tip: Play for the left center of the fairway and avoid the lake (250 yd.) on the right side.
  • Hole 8

    hole8   Par: 3

    Blue: 137 yards

    White: 122 yards

    Red: 110 yards

    Our easiest par 3 plays shorter than the yardage because of the slope.

    Playing tip: Don't be long here. It can leave an extremely difficult shot back up a hill to the green.
  • Hole 9

    hole9   Par: 4

    Blue: 409 yards

    White: 403 yards

    Red: 397 yards

    The most difficult hole on the front actually plays longer than the yardage because you are hitting to an elevated fairway.

    Playing tip: Stay left of the poles on the right with your drive. A straight 2nd shot is a premium to elude the pond on the left and woods on the right.
  • Hole 10

    hole10   Par: 4

    Blue: 364 yards

    White: 357 yards

    Red: 397 yards

    This is a tight driving hole with trees lining both sides of the fairway.

    Playing tip: use your straightest club to place your tee shot just left of the 150 yd. rock. Too far left will block your 2nd shot to the green.
  • Hole 11

    hole11   Par: 4

    Blue: 382 yards

    White: 370 yards

    Red: 357 yards

    A straightaway hole through a tree-lined fairway.

    Playing tip: play a slight fade starting down the left side of the fairway to avoid the large tree on the right.
  • Hole 12

    hole12   Par: 4

    Blue: 421 yards

    White: 412 yards

    Red: 404 yards

    Voted the hardest hole in a five county region this hole lives up to its reputation. This begins the most scenic portion of the course and what some call "death valley."

    Playing tip: a long drive down the right side towards the 150 yd. rock is necessary to set up your second shot down a valley to the green. Accuracy is important on your second shot. Balls have a tendency to kick to the right and land in a creek along the right side.
  • Hole 13

    hole13   Par: 3

    Blue: 147 yards

    White: 138 yards

    Red: 130 yards

    This hole can be more of a challenge if the pin is set on the left side of the green. Beware of the creek running along the entire left side.

    Playing tip: Watch for wind conditions that can affect a shot above the treetops and the large catalpa tree guarding the right side of the green.
  • Hole 14

    hole14   Par: 4

    Blue: 339 yards

    White: 319 yards

    Red: 187 yards

    An intimidating shot off the tee that sits alongside the Olentangy River, this hole is not as bad as it looks. Your tee shot must have enough distance to give you a shot to the green that can be blocked out by a stand of trees and a creek on the right.

    Playing tip: play a fade with a driver or 3 wood starting down the left side, but watch for the large tree on the left. Don't be short of the green with your second shot or you will end up in a creek right in front of the green.
  • Hole 15

    hole15   Par: 5

    Blue: 453 yards

    White: 444 yards

    Red: 353 yards

    This hole plays through a narrow shoot of trees from an elevated tee down to a valley and a dogleg to the right. This is reachable in two if your drive is in the right spot.

    Playing tip: Play a fade or short drive from the tee to give yourself a shot through the gap. Don't be long or right off the tee, and watch your shot to the green because the river lurks along the left side.
  • Hole 16

    hole16   Par: 3

    Blue: 203 yards

    White: 192 yards

    Red: 181 yards

    A straightaway hole with a severely sloping green.

    Playing tip: Don't be above the hole. Putting on this green can be treacherous.
  • Hole 17

    hole17   Par: 4

    Blue: 318 yards

    Red: 293 yards

    White: 305 yards

    Two lakes and a dogleg left make this an interesting hole. Both lakes are reachable from the tee. A long drive of 241 yd. plus can clear the first lake if you want to gamble.

    Playing tip: Two choices:
    1. Play a driver or 3 wood off the tee starting down the right side and draw the ball back to the center of the fairway.
    2. Lay up with a short iron to the right of the first lake (169 yd.) and hit another iron over the lake to the green.
  • Hole 18

    hole18   Par: 4

    Blue: 420 yards

    White: 410 yards

    Red: 366 yards

    A strong finishing hole ends your golfing experience at Kings Mill. A long and demanding par-4 requires distance and accuracy. The lake (228 yd.) is reachable from the tee.

    Playing tip: Hit driver off the tee aiming just to the left of the lake and draw the ball back to the narrow fairway.
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